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Step into a world of sizzling delights

Behold, the legendary Yoko Sizzlers!

As you take your seat, a wooden plate awaits, eager to cradle the culinary masterpiece that’s about to unfold. The choices are abundant, each more tantalizing than the last. Will you surrender to the temptation of a Tasty Spiced Potato, a Paneer Cutlet that whispers promises of bliss, or perhaps the Grilled Paneer itself, adorned in flavors that will transport you to paradise? For the plant-based enthusiasts, the Grilled Tofu beckons, offering a symphony of taste in every succulent bite.

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The journey has just begun.

Brace yourself for ..

a delightful encounter with
Juicy Grilled Chicken

its tender essence infused with love and spices.

for souls seeking indulgence
delicious Grilled Steaks & Mutton

Promising to redefine your appreciation for sizzlers.

bounties of the sea
Scrumptious Grilled Prawns & fish fillets

their aroma dancing through the air

But wait, there's more

a burst of color & freshness
the veggie mix

Our sizzlers come complete with a delightful assortment of vegetables known as the “Veggie Mix.” This medley includes a combination of Carrots, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Green Peas, and a side of crispy Fried Chips. With every sizzler, you can look forward to this flavorful and wholesome mix of veggies that adds a touch of freshness and nutrition to your sizzling experience.

comfort food
spiced potato cutlets

If you’re looking for an extra treat, don’t miss out on our spiced potato cutlets. These crispy, flavorful delights are the perfect addition to your sizzler experience.

be enchanted by our

Signature Sauces


a romantic whisper of flavor


taste that lingers on your taste buds


an earthy embrace that leaves you longing for more


a thrilling tango of taste

delightful entourage of

Sides & extras


Get ready for a chip extravaganza! We’ve got all kinds of chips waiting for you. Craving Regular, Steak Cut, Curly, Sweet Potato, Waffle, Halloumi, Wedges, or Hashbrowns? Take your pick and enjoy alongside your sizzler!


It’s not your plain ol’ boring rice; oh no, it’s rice with attitude and a whole lot of yum!


Heavenly treats that take your taste buds on a wild joyride!


Drinks with a kick that make you feel alive and refreshed

Where dreams are served on a sizzling platter, and every bite is a symphony of flavors, igniting a fire of passion within you. Surrender to the drama, immerse yourself in the enticing world of sizzlers, and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable journey of delight.
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