Our Story

The History
In the heart of bustling Mumbai,

amidst the verdant allure of Santacruz, a culinary marvel was born in 1986—Yoko Sizzlers. Little did anyone know that this unassuming brand would blossom into a global sensation, captivating taste buds and igniting gastronomic passions across continents.

From humble origins, it has risen like a phoenix, conquering the culinary world one sizzling platter at a time. With Mumbai as its spiritual home, Yoko Sizzlers has emerged as a true legend, captivating the city’s soul for an awe-inspiring 37 years. The sizzle of their tantalizing dishes has woven itself into the very fabric of Mumbai’s culture, transforming the brand into an emblem of foodie devotion.

But the magic didn't stop there..

It crossed oceans, transcending boundaries in

Dazzling Dubai

and found its second home in the dazzling embrace of Dubai. There, for 24 glorious years, Yoko Sizzlers has cast its spell, becoming the stuff of culinary dreams, whispered with reverence by the desert winds.

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the crowning jewel in its conquest

London, UK

With its flagship in London, it has become a beacon of sizzling sensations, luring in food aficionados from every corner of the world

dotting the globe

with a stellar fleet of 16 outlets and many more on the horizon, Yoko Sizzlers reigns as an empire of flavors. Its journey from that quaint Santacruz outlet to international acclaim reads like a fairy tale of culinary brilliance.

a masterpiece
Each sizzler that leaves the kitchen

is a masterpiece, a symphony of succulence, and an explosion of flavors that sends taste buds into a frenzy. Yoko Sizzlers has earned its cult status, uniting food lovers across nations in a shared passion for the finest, most delectable sizzling experiences.

the future, our legacy
As the years march on,

Yoko Sizzlers continues to defy expectations, daring to dream bigger, sizzle louder, and spread its magic further. With a legacy that grows stronger with every sizzling platter, this extraordinary brand has carved its name in the annals of culinary greatness, forever leaving an indelible mark on the world of gastronomy.

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